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This is a government run course provided by approved training bodies such as I-Pass. It must be taken by any rider who wants to use a moped or 125cc bike on “L” Plates. It is a set course of instruction and assessment that takes the learner from the beginnings through to essential skills to keep you safe on the road.

The course will include 5 elements and have a minimum of a two hour road ride at the end. The course normally can be completed in a day, but occasionally some people take longer, eg to gain more road experience and machine control, especially on a geared bike.

For the complete and novice wishing to master clutch and gears, we suggest a pre - CBT. On successfully passing the CBT you will be given a certificate that allows you to ride your learner bike. The certificate is valid for two years, in which time you will need to pass your full test or take CBT again.

CBT Course Requirements

  1. You need to have a UK driving, provisional or EU licence with UK counterpart licence number (D9 Form , Explain in writing that is for your CBT course )

  2. Be able to read a registration plate from 20 meters

  3. Wear suitable clothing including strong jeans and boots (strong trainers)

  4. Speak and understand English or bring a translator

  5. Have a good knowledge of the highway code

  6. Minimum experience to be able to ride a bicycle

  • Age 16 Ride a 50cc moped (geared or automatic)

  • Age 17+ Ride a 125cc learner bike (geared or automatic)

The CBT is one of the first legal steps, and must by law be taken by any new rider before they get on the road using “L” plates. Don’t worry if you have never ridden before, as the course is aimed at complete novices with no experience at all. Our instructors take you through all the elements, so you safely learn whilst feeling confident and happy.

These are the 5 elements of the CBT:

  • Element A The aims and objectives of the course, clothing and helmets

  • Element B Introduction to learning the controls

  • Element C Practical onsite training

  • Element D Classroom training on road safety

  • Element E Practical riding on the roads

All of the elements need to be taught in turn as it's important to master one skill before the next. When you have successfully learnt all the required skills you will be issues with a DL196 (pass certificate). 
This is valid for two years and allows you to ride a moped or learner motorcycle on the road, unaccompanied. You must display “L” plates, you can not take a passenger and you can not use motorways.


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